L'HOTEL DE BANVILLE, a historic 18th-century town mansion

A trip back in time..

The Hôtel de Banville is linked to the creation of Place Royale (now Place de la République) in 1637. The hotel was rebuilt in the mid-18th century in the classical style. During the Battle of Caen in 1944, several buildings around the Hôtel Banville were destroyed, including the Eudist seminary, but the hotel survived the city's bombardments and was listed as a historic monument in 1980.

It's a remarkable place for its architecture and its special atmosphere from the Age of Enlightenment .

The Hôtel de Banville's majestic architecture is composed of two perpendicular wings forming an L-shape, giving it two large fronts and a courtyard of honor.

Exceptional light on every floor

The south-facing aspect of the building and the large openings in the various fronts let in light from all sides, creating a special atmosphere of softness and comfort.

Ancient materials and know-how

  • Construction in Caen stone
  • Ironwork: gates, main staircase
  • Crossbow-shaped wooden frames
  • Suspended grand staircase
  • Courtyard decorations: vases, keystones